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After the incredible success of the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Blackpool Carnival events, we’re proud to announce its return for the summer! We’re hoping to attract even more participants and a larger audience than the incredible one we received last year.

​The Carnival is an event organised by the local community, participated in by the local community, for the benefit of the local community while attracting  thousands, if not tens of thousands of visitors to this fantastic town of ours. It is our chance to showcase the multicultural talent within the town, be that musical, theatrical, dance, business or whatever and come together as one community all working together with one goal in mind – to have a highly successful and happy day for all concerned.

​We are fortunate to have a highly talented committee who work tirelessly and voluntarily to ensure the above is achieved but for such an event, this all costs a great deal of money and we totally rely on donations to pay for the event. Please therefore donate whatever you feel you can afford by visiting the Donate page.

Why attend Blackpool Carnival

“It is our chance to showcase the talent within the town, be that musical, theatrical, dance, business or whatever but at the same time coming together as one community and all working together with one goal in mind, to have a highly successful and happy day for all concerned.”

Geoff Moore
Committee Chair

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Events will be taking place at Venues across Blackpool

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Tower Festival Headland

Waterloo Headland

St Chads Headland

Meet The Team

The Blackpool Carnival Committee

Geoff Moore

Having been born in Hertfordshire and growing up in North London and the Home Counties,
whether because they didn’t play in the normal blue or red or stripes but in the glorious tangerine,
mainly because at that time, the side was full of world famous International players and one of the
best league sides in the Country, I have always supported the Mighty Seasiders, Blackpool Football
Club, having been to the majority of English and Welsh football grounds, in support of my team.
In the main, I have always had my own businesses, an engineering Company, a manufacturer of very
high temperature furnaces, newsagents and corner shops, manufacturer of art and craft materials
and so on and it was always our plan to move to the Town, which we did early in 2015, so that we
could actually walk to the football instead of travelling hundreds of miles for every home game.
Blackpool has something for everybody, we wouldn’t live anywhere else and feel so lucky to live in
such a beautiful, vibrant place. Paradoxically, although it is by far the busiest seaside resort in the
country, it is also one of the most deprived areas and that is what The Blackpool Carnival is
endeavouring to help, by getting all the local community working together as one, sharing and caring
for each other and for the betterment of all but attracting thousands of visitors to the Town.
From a personal point of view, it is a great honour and privilege for me to be the Chair of such an
important local organisation which became a Community Interest Company, under my guidance in

Christian Cox

Joint Deputy Chair/Social Media

I’m a born and bred Blackpool lad of 36 years. 29 of those I have been living in South Shore. My
parents worked for Blackpool Transport for many years so I grew up around Blackpool’s thriving
tourist industry. I know the town like the back of my hand and have seen many changes over the
years. It’s great to see Blackpool becoming a 21st century resort. Blackpool is one of the great
survivors amidst the widespread decline of traditional British seaside resorts. One of the towns
greatest strengths is putting on world class events such as the annual Illuminations Switch On, World
Fireworks Championships, hosting world class artists and sporting events. This is where Blackpool
Carnival comes in. Blackpool Carnival is all about putting on a great event for everyone, having a
good time and getting in Carnival spirit. I can’t think of a more suitable place than Blackpool to host
such an event. Previous events were a great success and we hope to build on that with our
Centenary Carnival in 2023, a precursor to annual Carnival Events annually thereafter from the 1 st
Saturday until and including the 2 nd Sunday in July, Blackpool will be the place to be.
It is pleasure to support and help to organise this event both as a Blackpool resident and local

Tony West

Joint Deputy Chair & Secretary

I have been part of Carnival since 2016

Amanda West


I  have been a committee member since 2017


I have been in Blackpool since 2006 and run several businesses in Blackpool and chair
Fylde Coast Hindu Society and part of several charities such as Empowerment, CVS,
Fairness Commission and Faith Forum.
I believe in community cohesion and that lead me to join Blackpool Carnival, where we
are trying to get local community involved and work together for the betterment of
Blackpool Resort.
I Enjoy visiting new places and learning about their culture, watching films.

Paul Ilsley

I was born in Pirbright and have lived in Blackpool since the year 2000 with my wife, Sharon, and family. I have spent most of my working life as a security officer and have attended events all over the country. Outside of work, my interests include football and swimming.

I have been associated with Blackpool Carnival for 5 years and joined the organising committee in 2018. One of my key jobs is to play a leading role in the annual Santa drive around the town and it gives me great pleasure to see the joy this brings to so many Blackpool children and adults.

In 2005, I was a scout leader and took a group of scouts to Austria and the Czech Republic. I found this experience very interesting and helpful in my own development and that of the scouts. I also assisted with swimming and football competitions and the annual Gang Show.

The Carnival is an event for the whole town and I am proud to be part of helping to bring all sections of the community together.

Pearl Moore

Born and brought up in a small Bedfordshire village, I could never
have imagined living anywhere else than in the heart of the
Countryside, nor having spent so much of my time watching a few
grown men, kicking a lump of leather around a grass pitch. That was
before I met my husband and how we now live in this fantastic Town

of Blackpool.

Other than being a housewife, bringing up our children, in between I
worked as a post lady, in a newsagents, different village shops and

also a post office.

I now run our own South Shore Hotel in Blackpool and having
followed the local football team, with my husband for decades,
throughout the Country, we planned always to move here so that we
can walk to the ground, instead of spending hours travelling.
In reality, I am often too busy in the Hotel to be able to go to the
football, unsure if that is a good or bad thing because as a supporter
of the local side, it is very apt as it certainly is a roller coaster of highs

and lows and emotions.

I love my life here in Blackpool, the local people, the Hotel guests,
the local attractions, the promenade and beach and everything
about the Town and that is why I am involved in the Carnival because
I applaud all that the Organisation stands for and is achieving.



I was born in Derby, and spent my formative years travelling the world, as my father was in the Military.

After leaving school, I worked in Logistics for approximately 20 years.

In 1990, I ventured into starting my own business, which I sold in 2004.

I moved to Blackpool in 2007 with my wife to run a small guesthouse, and I became involved with the Blackpool Carnival originally in 2016, took a break in 2017, then returned in 2018 and still there.

My favourite part of the time with the Carnival committee is knowing I can get really involved with the local “talent” and seeing the young SMILE


I was born in London and moved to Blackpool in 2017. I spent 44 years working in education at all levels in the UK and around the world. Together with my partner, I also provided supported accommodation to vulnerable adults for 6 years. Now retired, I enjoy living close to the promenade where I walk most days. Since living here, I have taken a close interest in some of the great Blackpool institutions, including the fabulous Winter Gardens where I am a member of the Trust. Having been an observer of Blackpool Carnival before the Covid lockdowns, I joined the organising committee and am proud to assist them in their efforts to bring all sections of the community together and to showcase the wealth of talent the town has to offer.


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