Pearl Moore

Born and brought up in a small Bedfordshire village, I could never
have imagined living anywhere else than in the heart of the
Countryside, nor having spent so much of my time watching a few
grown men, kicking a lump of leather around a grass pitch. That was
before I met my husband and how we now live in this fantastic Town

of Blackpool.

Other than being a housewife, bringing up our children, in between I
worked as a post lady, in a newsagents, different village shops and

also a post office.

I now run our own South Shore Hotel in Blackpool and having
followed the local football team, with my husband for decades,
throughout the Country, we planned always to move here so that we
can walk to the ground, instead of spending hours travelling.
In reality, I am often too busy in the Hotel to be able to go to the
football, unsure if that is a good or bad thing because as a supporter
of the local side, it is very apt as it certainly is a roller coaster of highs

and lows and emotions.

I love my life here in Blackpool, the local people, the Hotel guests,
the local attractions, the promenade and beach and everything
about the Town and that is why I am involved in the Carnival because
I applaud all that the Organisation stands for and is achieving.